Thursday, June 4, 2020
Tips to loose weight

Tips For Speeding Up Your Weight Loss

Are you tired of trying to lose weight and not noticing any results? Well, this article is perfect for...
double chin

6 Causes and 11 Treatments for Double Chin

Two is always better than one. While this could be true regarding most things in life, it definitely is not, in the case of...
chest pain

Pain on the left side of your chest – All You need to Know

Is it a heart attack? Exactly as I thought so, this is the immediate idea that pops into your head as you...
benefits of coffee

Benefits of Coffee – Boost Your Energy and Mood

When you wake up in the morning what’s the first thing you drink? Having a really long day working and need a...

ZEN MEDITATION – Method and Benefits

What is Zen Meditation? Zen meditation is another method of meditation. Let’s check the meaning of Zen. The Japanese...
Coconut Oil Benefits

10 Amazing Coconut Oil Benefits You Never Knew

You might not agree with me if I classify the Coconut oil as a superfood. However, once you complete reading this article,...
interment fasting

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss – Benefits and Tips

According to Wikipedia, intermittent fasting also known as intermittent energy restriction, is an umbrella term for various meal timing schedules that cycle between voluntary...
chronic fatigue

Chronic Fatigue – Diagnosis, Symptoms, and Treatment

What is Feeling Tired or Chronic Fatigue? Everyone can get the feeling of tiredness and most of the adults...
Yoga for relaxation

4 Different Types of Yoga for Relaxation

Our lives have gotten significantly busier than the generations before us; we have a lot of stress in our minds in our...
Anxiety chest pain

10 Ways to Get Rid of Anxiety Chest Pain

Oh my, did I forget to lock the front door when coming out? What would my boss say when he gets to...