Get in Shape Faster…! With These 7 Simple Tips


Are you one of those people who hate summers and run away from having fitted into those
awesome bikinis at the beach? How many times have you made up your mind not to look
at those pretty dresses by the window at your favorite designer wear shop? Yeah, I guess
that’s you but don’t feel guilty there is a solution for all those problems and to get into that
attractive shape fast. First things first, before moving on, try to keep an open mind and think
positive that you can get in shape faster and achieve the dreamy shape of you and how awesome it is to look in the mirror and ask yourself, oh my god is this really me?..yeah it is you. Here are the best tips
to follow you through;


sugary foods|get in shape
sugary foods

Higher sugar intake triggers insulin levels in your blood. And the higher it is, the lower it is glucagon. It’s a hormone that turns your fat into energy, by cutting down sugar from your plate you can reverse the process by increasing higher glucagon levels and burn more calories. of course, sugar is tempting but try to eat fewer sweets, desserts, bakery goods of you really want that waistline to be thinner this summer.


Normally people got used to having 3 meals per day but hay, who said otherwise is incorrect. Replace those meals with smaller meals and take them 5, 6 times a day. it will half fill your stomach and you won’t feel uncomfortable. This way your body has to use most of its energy to break down those food and the only way to do that is to increase metabolism and it helps fat burning.


Drink water for healthy life |Get in Shape
Drink water for a healthy life

maintaining the right fluid balance also helps cutting down body fat. When you drink more water it keeps you hydrated and also avoids water retention in your body. You feel full at the same time and you are less likely to excessive eating. Feel free to add few mint leaves or some lemon to your water so you won’t feel bored and it makes your water healthier and tastier too.


tray to include more greens, fruits, and colorful veggies into your plate. Also, smoothies are a good way to stay hydrated and full, increase muscle mass and gain important vitamins. When it comes to losing fat, green tea in one of the best drinks that have ever existed. Also, lemon water, adding some fresh ginger in moderately hot water and drinking after workouts and maybe even in the time would help to burn that stubborn fat from your waistline.


Drinking alcohol makes you store more fat from the food you eat and slows the fat burning processes. Even if you follow everything we mentioned earlier you won’t turn in to that shape you try to have.


work out| get in shape faster
workout for a flat belly and a healthy body

It is important to keep your abdominal muscles strong. Do crunches about 10 minutes per day 3 times a week and you will get a tighter, more toned tummy. also, focus on some cardio. That will help you lose extra fat and keep you fit by burning calories from your fat stores around the whole body. Try to walk more if you can’t hit the gym. 40 min walk at least 2, 3 times a week will be beneficial. May be even skip the elevator and use stairs would help if you have no time at all.


Unbelievable but yes having a good night’s sleep helps a lot in fat burning. When you sleep less your body slows down metabolism and burn calories at lower rates to save keep sleeping and have that super slimming waistline as a reward.

quality sleep for better health|get in shape faster
Quality sleep for fat burning


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