5 Best Honeymoon Destinations for Newly Married Couples

honeymoon destinations
honeymoon destinations

“Honeymoon” none of the married couples ever wanted to miss this wonderful moment. Let’s discover 5 best honeymoon destinations that will make your honeymoon a memorable one.

It’s a Romantic Getaway to spend unforgettable moments with your better half. It should be filled with full of intimacy and romance, you feel cuddled with each other, soak in the hot tub, eat together, to make this enchanted moments happen, you have to plan the perfect getaway!! so arrange each and everything in a perfect way including night apparel, fragrant perfumes, decorations, best hotel, tasty food, outing apparel, and destinations, etc..  to make your getaway wonderful.

What are The Things to Arrange For Your Honeymoon?

In this modern world people really wanted to enjoy their lives away from town, so choose your honeymoon destination, stay at a star hotel,  select your couple t-shirts or dresses, pack your favorite shoes, have your sunglasses and sunscreen, select a theme for photography, make an itinerary for your dream destination, keep your wallet full and never forget to take your Videocam Recorder to record your fun-filled moments.

How to Choose Your Honeymoon Destinations?

So far you lived a robotic life, so now you’re gonna begin your new era, so why are you waiting? Do a better search, find plenty of destinations which are famous for “exotic beaches, jungles, amusement parks, best hotels, street foods and many more”, when you say “honeymoon” it comes only once in your life, so make it the best as you can, so find some beautiful destinations which is only for honeymoon and then select the most beautiful honeymoon destination out of all.

What are the Best Honeymoon Destinations?

There’re a handful of destinations, you can choose as per your desires!!!

1. Maui, Hawaii

Gorgeous Hawaii


Maui is one the best honeymoon destinations in the world, Maui is an island in Hawaii, it has volcanic, pools, waterfalls, and beaches, best time to visit Maui are April, May, and September through November, you can stay in West Maui, there are many places such as “Honokowai, Kahana, Napili, Kaanapali, and many more places”, these are luxury areas in Maui, so here you can find large hotels and luxury condos, also you can do many things.

Things to do in Maui, Hawaii

  • Attend the Traditional Feast Luau
  • Watch Whale Together
  • Swim Together with Sea Turtles (Snorkeling)
  • 7 Sacred Pools of Ohe’o Gulch
  • Walk in the Black Sand Beach
  • Molokini Crater
  • Sleep in Yurt
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Zipliner
  • Waterfall Rappel
  • Surf
  • Paddle Board and many more things to do

Unlimited things to do in Maui, Hawaii, you can taste local cuisine, try Hawaiian dance, surf in the beach and take many photographs, don’t ever forget to record your honeymoon tour.

2. Paris, France

Romantic Paris

Paris, France
Paris, France

Paris is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. It is a capital of France, major European city, known for many world-famous idols, best time to visit Paris are April to June, October to early November, you can stay at Marais, Saint Germain, Latin Quarter, Montmartre and South Pigalle, you can find many luxury hotels and condos, you have many options to choose hotels such 2-star to 5-star hotels and palace category hotels

Things to do in Paris, France

  • Propose under Eiffel Tower Tour
  • Balloon Ride in Parc Andre-Citroen
  • Temple of Love
  • Walkthrough Pont Neuf
  • Louvre Palace
  • Trip to Versailles
  • Love Lock Bridge
  • Take a Boat Tour through Canals and many more things to do

Nothing is over still you can do many things you can take photographs under the Eiffel Tower, kiss at the Love Lock Bridge, taste wine together and eat French food and many more things.

3. Venice, Italy

City of Water


Venice is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations in the world, it’s a city in northern Italy, it’s a floating city, it is known for canals, bridges, and waterways, best time to visit Venice is April to May and September to October, you can stay at Giudecca, many luxurious hotels are here. Also, you can do many things to celebrate your honeymoon.

Things to do in Venice, Italy

  • Walk in the Rialto Bridge
  • Ride a Water Taxi in Grand Canal
  • Lido di Venezia
  • Venetian Lagoon
  • Gallerie dell’Accademia
  • Gondola Ride
  • Sunset on St.Mark’s Square
  • Romantic Dining by the Canal
  • Teatro La Fenice and many more things to do

It is a city of water, it has many romantic places, so you can take nice photographs and enjoy the cool climate and fall in love with Venice.

4. Bali, Indonesia

Beautiful Bali

Bali, Indonesia
Bali, Indonesia

Bali is an island in Indonesia, it has forests, beaches, coral reefs, and volcanic mountains, this is one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world, best time to visit Bali is April to October, you can stay at Kuta, Tuban, Legian, Seminyak, Ubud, and many more places, there are many luxurious and unique hotels for honeymoon couples, also you can do many things.

Things to do in Bali, Indonesia

  • Horseback Ride
  • Sunset Dinner
  • Night Cruise
  • Helicopter Ride
  • Scuba Diving or Snorkeling
  • Jungle Swing in Ubud and many more things to do

Bali is like a paradise for newly wedded couples, romantic hotels, lovely sceneries, you can make your lives with nature and happy things to do and many more.

5. Maldives

Dream Paradise

honeymoon destinations

The Maldives is a small island nation in South Asia, it is one the best honeymoon destinations in the world, it is known for its resorts, lagoons, and coral reefs, there are most loved resorts are such as “Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas, Nika Island Resort & Spa, and many more resorts”, these are really suits for honeymooners and you can do many things.

Things to do in Maldives

  • Snorkeling and Diving
  • Underwater Spa Date
  • Sunset Cruise
  • Private Picnic
  • Dance with The Boduberu and many more things to do.

Maldives is a dream paradise, you can stay at a world-class resort, enjoy underwater restaurants, taste local cuisine and many more things which make you couple lost in Maldives.

Are you a newly wedded couple? really looking for an intimacy and romance getaway? so it is good to travel somewhere away from town, we saw many destinations which suits for “Honeymoon”, it filled with greeneries, blue beaches, white sand, volcanic, forests, etc.. and adventurer tours, so why are you waiting?

You can swim together, sing together, play together, selfie together and bathe together, never miss these wonderful moments in your life, so plan a perfect honeymoon and enjoy it inch by inch.

In the above article, we saw many beautiful places and had a good hint about “Best Honeymoon Destinations”. I hope this article is really useful for “Honeymoon” planners.



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