How Much Coffee is Too Much?

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?
How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Is Coffee Bad?

Women drinking a coffee, not knowing how much coffee is too much
Drinking a nice cup of Coffee

It’s always intriguing to read the mix messages out there about coffee. is it healthy or is it unhealthy? Let’s find out Well yes it does have some disadvantages .for instance; it can increase the blood pressure of our body, disable our body to absorb some nutrients like Zinc and Iron. It is associated with an increased risk of pregnancy loss and increased levels of serum cholesterol.

coffee is also linked with insomnia which might not be a surprise cause most often it is the best solution to wake up all night. The reason behind this is that psychoactive stimulant called caffeine is found in coffee beans. Caffeine excites the central nervous system and temporarily reduces fatigue and alertness. The downside is that this caffeine found in coffee is addictive so that people may become dependent on caffeine.

Is Coffee Good?

On the flip side, there are also benefits to coffee. It is high in antioxidants so and it is associated with a probable decreased risk in certain types of cancers, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease. These antioxidants play a huge role in a number of ageing-related health problems, including Alzheimer’s and dementia. it may even help us live longer. some of the compounds in it may help reduce inflammation. Some research evidence also suggests that it may slow down some of the metabolic processes that drive ageing.

Aside from just being comforting for a lot of people, it also can help us to be more alert when we need it. The caffeine in coffee appears to improve memory performance in certain situations. People consume it is for its stimulating effects before work or school. At moderate intake levels, It has been shown to have cognitive-enhancing functions also improve mood and concentration.

Some people say that makes us dehydrating. The truth is it doesn’t necessarily cause us to lose more water than the amount of water we take inside with it. Even so, it’s not necessarily as hydrating as something like water.

how much coffee is too much

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Moderation is the key. Like any food, consuming too much of it can cause many problems
especially in the digestive tract. If we want to make sure that we wane get some of the potential health benefits we just want to make sure that we are limiting our coffee intake to about two to three cups per day. The cup comes in all the different shapes and sizes. 250 ml cup is the best but not like the cup size that we are usually getting from Starbucks.

Coffee can be a really bad wrap because of the amount of sugar and cream that people can add to it. So, it turns out that coffee wasn’t really to blame but the consumers have to know the limits. For some people, it can increase anxiety or cause stomach or intestinal upset. It’s always important to listen to our body, and remember there’s always decaf if we enjoy the smell and taste.


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