Happy Food for a Happy Mood

Food for Happiness
Happy Girl

Foods for Happiness ? do they even connected ?. Yes very much!

In a world that is in an increasing rush with emotions flinging faster than you can control it is important well, to control them somehow. And how is that? I suggest, through “super” foods. What you consume can impact your mental state just as much as it does your physical state. The right choice of diet can help boost your mood, easing tension and support brain function; helping you feel light and energetic throughout your day.

Filled with various nutrients these foods can go a long way in helping your ‘mood fix’ and bidding the melancholy in you goodbye!  

Top Foods for Happiness

  • Oranges
  • Honey
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Walnuts
  • Cashews
  • Lentils
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Berries
  • Avocado


Oranges a food for happiness

The citrusy ‘punch’ of oranges significantly reduces anxiety and mood disorders since it carries strong antidepressant effects. The secret behind this is the high level of vitamin C and vitamin B6 content which in addition to effectively reducing anxiety and depression, also produces abundant folate which results in steady serotonin production. Squeeze for a healing fresh juice or cut it up and pop into a refreshing salad!


pure Honey is a healthy mood fixing food

Scrap table sugar for this golden gift, now! Honey helps for reducing depression and inflammation due to its hormone-balancing properties and its content of beneficial compounds like quercetin and kaempferol. It is also a safer and healthier option for your sweet tooth! 

Dark Chocolate

Top mood fixer for happiness

Phew! Something that fits into our immediate reaction to ‘happy food’! Yes, dark chocolate hypes up your adrenaline and dopamine levels helping alter and improve mood significantly. It also improves blood flow to the brain thus energizing you and fixing your concentration. Just make sure it contains at least 70% cocoa solids to make the perfect snack!


Walnuts are a rich source of magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids that have been proven to aid stress-relief and improving mood. They support anger control and improve brain function due to their containing significant amounts of vitamin E and folate. Consume them alone or in a healthy salad!



Cashews are a best Food for happiness

The vitamins in cashews; B6, magnesium, niacin; help stabilize mood and contributes to keeping depression away without the side effects antidepressant pills may bring. The tryptophan they carry helps enhance your serotonin levels too. Go for raw cashews if you can, half a cup daily, plain as they come or mixed into your dairy drinks or other nuts. Personally, cashews are my number one among these foods for happiness



Mama’s go-to dish, yes! Packed with fiber, protein and a good load of folate that help the production of serotonin, lentils are energizing and mood-boosting. Perfect as a side dish or mixed into your soup, lentils create a perfect add in your diet. 

Pumpkin Seeds

Containing zinc, copper, manganese and most importantly, magnesium that helps relieve anxiety and mood disorders pumpkin seeds are an underestimated mood-booster. 


Recent studies suggest that the flavonoid found in berries helps maintain a steady presence of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter, wards of depression and anxiety. A daily intake of berries will help improve your mood throughout. 


Avocado top healthy food for mood fixing

Like the leafy greens, avocados are rich in folate and magnesium; ample enough to cover 15% of your daily need and at the same time, lifting your mood! Add delicious slices or chunks into your salad or sandwiches for a hearty meal. 

We hope you got something important for your life from this article, have some of these happy foods to improve your happiness



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