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Beijing City, China

Do you like to know more about Beijing?? Let’s explore Beijing together.

Amazing facts about Beijing

Beijing is the capital of China, formerly it’s known as “Peking”. It is located in Northern China. The second-largest city in China, world’s third most populous city, Beijing is one of the global power city, it’s known for its “Architectural Buildings, Cuisine, Culture, Temples, Parks, Gardens, etc,”

It is most famous for “Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City, Ming Tombs, Grand Canal and many more”, It has many tallest buildings with different shapes, “Zhong Guan Cun” is a technology hub in Beijing, it’s known for China’s Silicon Valley.

Explore more about the best things to do in Beijing

The Great Wall of China, Beijing

things to do in beijing

Historical Structure of China

The Great Wall of China built across the northern borders in China to protect itself from other territories, this is one of the seven wonders in the world, it’s a manmade wonder during ancient Chinese states. It has over 10 million visitors yearly, measurement of this wall is 21,196 km, it is one of the historical “Monuments” in China.

How Do I Get to The Mutianyu Section?

If you want to visit the Great Wall Beijing, from Downtown Beijing to Great Wall is 60 to 130 km, Mutianyu Section is the access point to the Great Wall from Beijing, so from Beijing City Center to Mutianyu Section distance is 73 km.

It will take nearly 2 hours to reach the access point by Taxi, Car or Shuttle, once you entered to Great Wall Access you can buy the entrance ticket.

How Can I Reach the Great Wall?

Note: from the Mutianyu Section you can reach the Great Wall’s 8th or 10th Watchtower by climbing the steps or take a cable car to reach 14th Watch Tower or take a Chairlift to 6th Watchtower.

Interesting things to do in Great Wall, Beijing

  • Hike at a Peak (up to 22nd Watchtower)
  • Night Hike
  • View
  • Toboggan Slide Down
  • Underground Palace Day Tour
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Participate in a Marathon
  • Photography
  • Camping on the Wild Great Wall
  • Take a Roller Coaster Cart Down from Great Wall

Also, you can view sceneries, during night time you can see the Great Wall with lights, you can taste Chinese Cuisine near Mutianyu Section and can do many more things.

For more details please visit  The Great Wall at Mutianyu — Fully-Restored, Family-Friendly

The Forbidden City, Beijing

things to do in beijing

“Residence of the Terrestrial Emperor”

“The Forbidden City” is the Residence of the Terrestrial Emperor, it was built during Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty ruling period, Emperor Chengzu or Emperor Yongle built it with 9,999 ½ rooms in the Forbidden City. 

It was the political and ritual center of China, it is also known as “Palace Museum”, it situated in Beijing, this is one of the historical monument in China,  it covers nearly 72 hectares.  It titled “UNESCO World Heritage Site” due to its preserved ancient wooden structures, nearly 19 million people are visiting “The Forbidden City” yearly.

How can I travel to “The Forbidden City” in Central Beijing?

Take a Subway Line one get down at the Tiananmen East Station and exit A or else Tiananmen

West Station and exit B, find the Tiananmen tower and walk north to the Meridian Gate

How Can I Enter the “Forbidden City”?

You have to buy the ticket at the counter and you can enter from the “Meridien Gate” or “Gate of Divine Might “entrances but it is advisable to enter from the “Meridian Gate” so you can exit through the “Gate of Divine Might” and can view the Jingshan Park.

Things to do in The Forbidden City

  • Exhibitions at Palace Museum
  • Explore the hidden Treasures
  • View the Ancient Collections
  • ArtWorks
  • Wear like an Emperor/Empress and take Photographs
  • Walk all over the Forbidden City
  • Jingshan Park

It is a huge place, so you have to walk a lot, more crowded, so keep things safely, don’t forget to take water bottles with you and some snacks too, so you can enjoy fully, please visit The Palace Museum

Tiananmen Square

things to do in beijing

“Sign of the Strength Communism”

Tiananmen Square contains Monuments of People’s Heroes such as “Great Hall of the People,

National Museum and Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, it has nearly 8.2 million visitors yearly, it build in 1651, and specifically, it is known to people as “Tiananmen Square Massacre”, this is one of the best historical “Monument” in China.

How do I Travel to Tiananmen Square?

It is easy and Tiananmen Square is located right opposite to Forbidden City, can buy tickets at the you can plan your tour with Forbidden City.

Things to Do in Tiananmen Square

  • National Museum of China
  • Great Hall of the People
  • Monuments people’s Heroes
  • Memorial Hall of the “Great Helmsman”

This historical tour will definitely take you to ancient China, so you can read more about Tiananmen Square Jonathan Spence, The Gate and the Square

Temple of Heaven

things to do in beijing

“Temple of Heaven and Earth”

It is situated in the southeastern part of central Beijing. It is an imperial complex, this temple constructed during the years of 1406 to 1420, it was built in the 18th year of Emperor Yongle from Ming Dynasty. 

This was the temple visited by Emperors of Ming and Qing dynasties for annual ceremony prayers, the temple ground covers nearly 1.05 square miles. Temple of Heaven titled “UNESCO World Heritage Site” due to its architecture and landscape designs.

You can visit this temple and experience peace of mind. Three historical buildings such as “Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, Imperial Vault of Heaven and Circular Mound Altar, will explore more about the instructions.

How Can I Travel to the Temple of Heaven?

Take the Subway to Tiantan East Gate Station on line 5, exit from A1 or A2 exits and you can see the Gate to the Temple of Heaven.

How do I Enter the Temple of Heaven?

Keep a guide book with you or else hire a local guide, buy tickets at the Gate to the It can begin your tour.

What is the Best Dress Code to Follow?

Women should wear a casual dress like jeans & loose/long tops but should avoid “shorts, tank tops, skinny & sea through wears. Men should wear jeans or slacks and can avoid shorts and skinny t-shirts. 

Things to Do in the Temple of Heaven & Nearby?

  • Temple of Heaven Park
  • Southeast Corner Watchtower
  • Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests
  • Round Altar
  • Imperial Vault of Heaven
  • Hongqiao Pearl Market
  • Ming City Wall Ruins Park
  • Beijing Natural History Museum
  • Red Stairway Bridge and many more things to do

Definitely this tour will give you some positive energy and peace of mind.

Summer Palace

summer palace

Imperial Garden in Beijing

Summer Palace was an imperial garden during the Qing Dynasty ruling period, it covers an area of 290 hectares. It has lakes, gardens, arch bridges and palaces, it mostly covered by Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake, this palace declared as “UNESCO World Heritage Site”, Kunming Lake is a man-made wonder in China.

How do I Travel to the Summer Palace?

To East Palace Gate take bus number 303, 331, 346, 332, 508, 579 or 584 get off at Yiheyuan Station or take bus number 394, 384, 563, 594 or 601 and get off at Poshangcun and walk west nearly 200 meters. To West Gate take a bus number 539 or 469 and get off at Yiheyuan Ximen and or you can visit through North Palace Gate by taking 303, 346, 584 or 331 and get off near Yiheyuan Beigongmen.

How Can I Enter the Summer Palace?

You have to buy the ticket at the entrance, there few entrance gates such as “East Palace Gate, West Gate, North Palace Gate, and New Palace Gate”, you can choose the entrance as comfortable to you.

Things to do in Summer Palace

  • 17 Arch Bridge
  • Suzhou Market
  • Longevity Hill
  • Garden of Virtue and Harmony
  • Hall of Benevolence
  • Long Corridor
  • Marble Boat
  • Photography

You should never miss a tour to Summer Palace, visit

Glass Bridge, Beijing

This is one of the best attraction in Beijing, Glass Bridge is in Shilinxia Scenic Area, this bridge has another name “Flying Disc”, this Glass Bridge is 800 meters above from the sea level and 400 meters above from the bottom cliff, it is hanging disc is 32.8 meters out from the cliff, this platform is bigger than the Grand Canyon Skywalk, this is the largest sightseeing platform in the world.

How do I Travel to Glass Bridge, Beijing?

Take a bus number 852 to and get down at Pinggu District Bus Terminal and get a local bus number 25 and get off at Pinggu Stone Forest Gorge or Valley.

How Can I Enter the Glass Bridge?

To enter the “Shilinxia Scenic Area” you need to buy a ticket, also you should buy a ticket to the glass ridge platform and if you like you can take a cable car or climb steps to reach the platform.

Things to do in the Glass Bridge or Shilinxia Scenic Area

  • Ride a Cable Car
  • Hike
  • Flying Dragon Valley
  • Jinhai Lake
  • Pinggu Glass Sightseeing Platform
  • Jingdong Karst Cave
  • Diaowo Village
  • Scenic Views from Deck
  • Walk in the Flying Disc and many more things to do

Hope definitely you will love this adventurers tour, so for more details visit  Tips for Visiting the Glass Sightseeing Platform in Pinggu Beijing « China Travel Tips

Shopping Markets

shopping market

You should never miss shopping in Beijing, there are many wholesales and cheapest markets in the town such as “Hongqiao Market, DongdIng Clothing Wholesale Market, 

Beijing Century Tianle Int.Costume Market, Kuntai Shopping Mall, Chaoyang Joy City a Silk Market” and also you can find luxury malls such as “Oriental Plaza, Shin Kong Palace.

Seasons Palace, Xidan Joy City and many more malls”, here you found many places, so don’t forget to shop.

Street Foods

street food

Beijing is famous for its street foods, there are many streets you can find such as “Wangfujing Snack Street, Ghost Street, Niujie Muslim Snack Street, Nanluoguxiang, Fucheng Street and many more streets, you should never miss these foods.

  • Peking Duck
  • Shaun Yangrou
  • Jiaozi
  • Jing Jiang Rou Si
  • Zhejiang Mian
  • Aiwowo
  • Baijiu
  • Nai Lao

And many more foods to eat in the street, Chinese cuisine is most famous in Asia, so never miss a chance to taste these delicious foods in your life.

Definitely this tour will take you to  Ancient China, why are you still waiting? Together with your friends and families plan your itinerary for the next tour. Hope this could be the most historical and adventurers tour in your travel itinerary.


Visit Beijing to experience Ancient China, to see its man-made wonders, historical artechtures, cultural events, many more. Unlimited things to discover in Beijingits natural resources are unbelievable, you should never miss a tour to historical Beijing.

In the above article, we explored many things about “Things to do in Beijing”, hope this article is more helpful for Travellers”

You should never miss a tour toBeijing” in your life



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