8 Flight Hacks to Make Your Flying Experience Better


There are many things you can’t possibly change when you are bored into a flight of course. Maybe there are turbulences, maybe the food is tasteless maybe even noisy passengers onboard passengers and many more, but on the bright side, there are some things that you could consider to make your journey better. Just combine these simple flight hacks you are good to go.

1. Boarding Time of the Day

Mornings are the best times to fly if you have a choice of time of the plane that you are using. It has a much smaller chance to get delayed than night. usually, delays happen because of the ripple effects up in the sky atmosphere. If you are a nervous flyer or first time if you are flying for a long time better to stick to morning time if you can. It is one of the best flight hacks we could give you, so with fewer turbulences, you’ll feel much comfort on your seat, isn’t that great!

2. Final Rows Are Better

Back rows are always good| flight hacks
Back rows are good

If you sit in the first rows you will be the first to board and first to leave. But if you pick a seat closer to the back of the cabin, you get more attentive service from the cabin crew. For the crew, it is easier to bring additional food and the other things to the final rows. The crew can do this in a way that goes unnoticeable by the other passengers. Therefore they can avoid the attention of the request of the other passengers down on the plane.

3. Best Seat

Flight Seat|flight hacks

Are you a person who struggles to have a seat by the window and enjoy gazing outside? Maybe you haven’t noticed this, the seats by the window are much colder than the others. The temperature outside the cabin can fall to very low which cools down the temperature of the plane’s fuselage. You can feel this external cold above all the seats by the window. Even during summer when you wear lite clothes on you, we suggest dressing a little warmer maybe take a jacket with you even ask for a blanket from the crew.

4. Keep Your Bags Near You

It is tempting to put your suitcase into the first empty space you see. but that slows down the deplaning as passengers who had to stow their bags near the back move downstream to collect their belongings.

5. Sleeping Arrangements

Even if the airline would probably provide a standard pillow, better to bring a neck pillow that supports your neck to have a comfortable sleep. If you are you using a blowing up pillow don’t forget to keep filling it with full with air coz it might burst out due to the pressure changes inside the plane.

6. Choice of Meal

Always go with the special Menu. Airlines offer a choice of different meals such as; vegetarian, seafood, halal, kosher and many others. Even if you have no particular preference, many travellers recommend going for a special menu. They are often tastier and more varied than the standard ones.

7. No Tea or Coffe Onboard

Keep in mind in the drinking water used to prepare hot beverages onboard can contain malignant bacteria such as E.coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. Specialists have reached this conclusion on more than once occasion. So instead of tea or coffee ask for bottled water or fruit juice. We also suggest that you carry on your own empty water bottle that can be filled with inside water fountains way to onboard.

8. Tables and Seat Pockets

It sounds disgusting but it’s true that they are the dirtiest places on the plane. The pockets on the seatback in front of you are sometimes filled with trash accumulated during flights. They aren’t cleaned as thoroughly as you would expect.

When it comes to the tray tables it can be even worse. The cabin crew has recently admitted that people often use these tables to change their baby’s diapers on those tables sometimes. Keep your personal stuff in your bag. Remember to take wet wipes with you and use it when necessary and never place food directly on the table.

When was the last time you were inside the plane? Sooner or later you may use this modest means of transport. But when you do next time use these simple flight hacks and it would help your flying experience much better.


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